Thanks to the support and participation of our Lincoln County Commissioners, the Eureka Riverwalk recieved a $202,000 "grant" from the Community Transportation Enhancement Program (CTEP). This large amount of money was committed to the high cost of an engineered design that meets the necessary regulations the Riverwalk was required to go through "prior to and during" the construction process. Since the park is located on the Tobacco River and Sinclair Creek, there were a number of State and Federal requirements which had to be approved - and ultimately directed us to completion of one of the most scenic riverwalk trails in the Northwest.

Additional funding is still needed - for trail improvements and maintaince. Donations are tax deductible, as the Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) Corporation.(filed with the State of Montana, on January 17, 2002, #390655).

All donations are welcomed and much appreciated, as every dollar goes directly to the Eureka Riverwalk. We have arranged four different categories for your consideration, as outlined below.

Beaver Trail Walkers
Any donation up to

Deer Trail Walkers
Donations between $100 and $499

Bear Trail Walkers
Donations between $ 500
and $999

Moose Trail Walkers
Donations of $1,000 and higher

Moose Trail Walkers - Each of these Corporate or Memorial Sponsors will have a hand crafted bench named and placed along the Riverwalk Trail recognizing their significant contribution.

Your donation can be mailed directly to the Eureka Riverwalk Foundation PO Box 1855 Eureka, Montana 59917 - or dropped off at InterBel Telephone or Lincoln Electric, Cooperatives.


Springtime on the trail
Grand Opening!

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